Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park Launches Animated Video Song, unveiling their Captivating Mascots and Encouraging Youngsters to Embrace Adventure and Fun

[Qatar, 24 July 2023] – [Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park], the premier destination for family fun and excitement, is thrilled to announce the release of their vibrant animated video song, starring the beloved waterpark mascots (Lenny, Sami and Sandy). This captivating campaign aims to bring the mascots to life by giving them distinct personalities, fostering a strong connection with young visitors while promoting the spirit of imagination, adventure, and bravery.

The heartwarming animated video serves as an anthem for Desert Falls, encouraging children to seize the moment and relish every thrilling experience. With its catchy tune and engaging visuals, the song aims to inspire young minds to embrace the joy of exploration and to make unforgettable memories at the waterpark and resort.

Watch the Mascot Anthem Video Song in English: []

Watch the Mascot Anthem Video Song in Arabic: [Insert link to the video here]

The video is in both English and Arabic and showcases the mascots of Desert Falls and Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, each with their unique identity, designed to resonate with children of all ages. From the adventurous and daring explorer to the fun-loving and mischievous trickster, these mascots captivate the imagination and hearts of every visitor. Through their playful interactions and exciting escapades, they encourage people to be their best selves and embrace the spirit of camaraderie.

“The lyrics were inspired by the resort, the water park, and all the good vibes I felt while spending time there. Lenny, Sami and Sandy represent every individual within us who loves fun and unique experiences, and from there, it’s a great adventure that is full of fun,” says Amal Alshammari, the talented writer behind the captivating lyrics.

“The inspiring lyrics encouraged us to create a lively and youthful melody that captures the adventurous and fun-filled spirit of the characters. And I feel proud to collaborate with such talented local singers from the band Hype Quire, and Aisha Aziani, who lent their voices to the English and Arabic versions of the song. And I am grateful to Nefaish for their exceptional work on the visual aspect, which played a significant role in making the song stand out in its brilliance,” expresses Dana Al Meer, the brilliant mind behind the mesmerizing composition and vocals.

The project director from Nefaish, Hossein Heydar, also shared his excitement, stating, “I enjoyed working on this particular project. The team worked hard to ensure that the video perfectly represented the water park. The animation of the characters was an accurate representation of their personalities, displaying an overall sense of fun and joyfulness. Also, i would like to thank the management and marketing team of Hilton Salwa Beach Resort for working with us on this project.”

To further celebrate the launch of the animated video song, Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park invites families to join the mascots for exciting meet-and-greet sessions at the waterpark, kids club, and resort. The opportunity to interact with the mascots, take pictures, and create lasting memories promises an unforgettable experience for every young guest.

“At Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas and Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park, we believe in creating magical experiences for our guests and families. Our animated music video is not just a celebration of our mascots but also an invitation for the young and young at heart to embark on an extraordinary journey of joy and wonder,” said Peggy Khoury, Resort Director of Marketing at Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas and Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park. Join the fun and be part of the mascot adventure by visiting Desert Falls and experiencing the magic firsthand.

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